Denim Jeans Cushion Eco Product Review

New friends to Life Goggles, Eco Emporia, sent us its Denim Jeans Cushion for review.

The company’s straplines are “desirable things from discarded objects” and “handmade by craftspeople with a passion for recycling”, and a quick look around the website you’ll find this to be true. Nothing exemplifies this more than this denim cushion. Basically it’s a pair of old Levi 501 jeans that has been made into a cushion cover.

Denim Jeans Cushion

And it works brilliantly well. The waistband of the jeans is the gap to get the cushion in and out so here aren’t any zips or buttons (unless they’re left on the jeans – each one is unique). Maybe it’s because of the quality of the source material but it’s also very soft and you don’t notice that you’re leaning on denim or anything different from a normal cushion really. It’s very well made too and when you buy one it comes with a gift card with an optional message if it’s a gift but also has something explaining who made it and their background. In this case it was Sarah Baulch.

Having something new made from something old means the quirks are incorporated into the product. For this cushion it means the pockets are still there and if you want you can put things in them, like er the remote control.

Comic Envelopes

No matter how much I liked the cushion, I loved the surprise gift that came with it too. At the risk of spoiling the ‘surprise’, I received a set of small envelopes made from old comics. They’re great, I don’t even want to use them to be honest, just show them off to people. It brings back great memories of my youth and while emailing is more eco-friendly than sending letters, it’s time to get that fountain pen out and send a few messages to people I think.

And finally, the packaging, gift cards and even the paper flower used in the packaging is all made from recycled materials, something all companies should aspire to do.

The Denim Jeans Cushion costs £30 from Eco Emporia.


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