Method Bowl Patrol Eco Product Review

Method continues its domination of our homes, bringing out a toilet cleaner to go along with its Bathroom Flushable Wipes that we loved at Life Goggles.

Bowl Patrol

Called Bowl Patrol (love the name), method once again shows how different it is by using lactic acid (a mineral dissolver) as its cleaning power. And it works well. What also surprised us was that the cleaner was both coloured (blue) and had a strong smell. Most of its products only have a faint scent and even if are coloured in the bottle, don’t leave a coloured mark. The blue does help you to know where you’ve squirted it under the rim and the smell is okay, not as fresh as some artificial scents but pleasant enough.

As usual, the design of the bottle is first class. Simple, but effective, it’s easy to squeeze the cleaner under the rim and leave it for ten minutes before cleaning away. And the good thing is it won’t harm any fish or anything in the sea after you flush.

Available from places like John Lewis, Waitrose and Big Green Smile, you can look at method’s website to find more stockists. It costs around £3.00.


3 thoughts on “Method Bowl Patrol Eco Product Review

  1. just ordered another 5 of these online as they’re so good. my toilet is still limescale free since using in november and still smells great.

    been using my last few as an air freshener as they smell so good. try leaving the lid open on nearly empty bottles so it fills the room with the minty scent. thought was a great idea and others might like the idea


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