Tom’s of Maine Cleansing Mouthwash Eco Product Review

Ater reviewing some environmentally friendly toothpaste I thought maybe I should give some mouthwash a go too and Big Green Smile was happy to oblige.

Tom’s of Maine is a brand mostly found in stores in America but is quite hard to get hold of over in the UK so it’s great that Big Green Smile stocks it as I’d been wanting to try out the brand for a while. I’ve got the spearmint flavoured mouthwash as pictures, although unlike the picture mine is slightly yellow in colour but this is explained on the back as due to the natural ingredients meaning the colour varies from bottle to bottle.

Tom's of Maine Cleansing Mouthwash

Free from alcohol, artificial dyes, saccharin, preservatives, colours and flavours, it does contain aloe vera, witch hazel and pure spearmint oil. And it tastes lovely. It’s hard to rate how well it works without a scientific test and pictures of teeth and gums and stuff, but it tastes really nice.

I tried my girlfriend’s mouthwash to compare it and was quite shocked to taste the difference. Hers was bright blue and supposedly spearmint too. It tasted awful, especially after just cleaning my teeth, and when I spat it out there were bright blue lumps in there too. I’m pleased to report nothing similar with Tom’s of Maine.

The mouthwash costs £4.50 for a 473ml bottle from Big Green Smile.


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