Red Robot Organic T-Shirt Eco Product Review

Organic t-shirts and clothing is becoming more and more popular but there is still the challenge of quality and style. I’d not heard of Red Robot before it contacted Life Goggles but the online store sent me a t-shirt speedily and I was eager to give it a try.

And I wasn’t disappointed. Red Robot played it safe and went for a medium but it fits perfectly. Packaged nicely in a paper bag that can easily be reused and recycled, I received a bright yellow shirt with a nice pattern of a wind farm and what I think is a rainbow, but in white. It’s called Mono Turbine and the colour is actually ‘Aspen Gold’. The print is quite thin which means the t-shirt remains flexible; I hate a big, stiff, plasticy print on the front.

Red Robot

The shirt itself is extremely soft and actually quite thick which means it’s warm as well, I think ‘jersey’ is the right name for it. There’s a neat little Red Robot tag on the seam on the left side (not on the right as in the picture) and one at the back of the neck with the little robot character on. Also the Red Robot writing is embroidered into the left sleeve in the same colour as the t-shirt.

Made in Turkey from organic cotton (certified by Skal International), Red Robot’s t-shirts cost around £17.99 and it also sells men’s hoodies and t-shirts and hoodies for women too. The current range is made up of limited editions so take a look.


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