Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Pillar Candle Eco Product Review

After reviewing a few candles, I decided to give someone else a go. Step in my friend Kate who spent some happy hours with the a Ylang Ylang candle from the Scented Candle Shop. She liked it as much as the Stone Glow Pillar Candle I reviewed:

Ylang Ylang candle

“With the cold winter nights well and truly here and Christmas fast approaching it seems the perfect time of year to be road testing the Essentail Oil Ylang Ylang pillar candle, which is made from 100% organic plant wax, making it not only environmentally friendly but vegan friendly too.

“I love the light that candles give off and really look forward to winter when I can really go to town with them, but I have to admit I’m not usually a fan of scented candles, which, all too often, give off overpowering artificial smells. As Essential Oil candles are made using only natural plant extracts the ylang ylang candle emits a very subtle scent. Although a very delicate scent, it still managed to radiate throughout the room and disguise the smell of the onions that were caramlizing in my kitchen at the time of testing. These eco friendly candles come in a real array of scents ranging from lemongrass to the very Christmas sounding orange and clove which I can’t wait to try.

“The candle has approximately 12 hours of burning time but the manufacturers recommend not lighting for more than five hours at a time. The one that I tested burnt beautifully and looked so pretty on the vintage blue saucer I placed it on. So much nicer than the candles that come in glass jars which look fabulous until 30 minutes or so after they’ve been lit when the glass becomes covered with a film of black smoke.

“My only bugbear is that the candles are made in Malaysia which somewhat detracts from it’s eco friendly status but in spite of this I’d still give the Essential Oil Ylang Ylang Pillar Candle a big thumbs up.”

The Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Pillar Candle from the Scented Candle Shop costs £4.99.


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