Duchy Collection Bath Soak Eco Product Review

Taking a bath used to be a luxury, then you could take one every day if you liked and now in these environmentally conscious times, it’s back to being a luxury. For me anyway. So when Big Green Smile sent me some Duchy Collection Rose & Mandarin Bath Soak to test, I had every excuse to jump straight in.

Duchy Collection Bath Soak

The Duchy Collection is a spin-off from Duchy Originals which HRH The Prince of Wales created in 1990 because of his belief in things natural and organic. This is the first thing I’ve seen from the range that you can’t eat, it’s a natural progression from food to health and beauty products. Free from sodium lauryl and laureth sulphate, the bath soak is made from essential oils (in my case organic rose and organic mandarin but there’s a lavender version too) and other natural and organic ingredients. There isn’t any official organic seal of approval though.

The bath soak itself is lovely. In our household we have another high street brand of bubble bath (as I call it) and while it does give lots of bubbles, there’s no smell really. This however smells lovely in the bottle and just as nice in the bath. I thought I had to use quite a lot to get the smell and bubbles but the second time I found it worked well using less. The aroma gives a rich and luxurious feel to the bath and it could of been my imagination but the water felt almost silky.

If you’re going to have a bath, you might as well make the most of it and stay in a while and enjoy it and I certainly did. I didn’t break any records for length of time in a bath or anything but I was in there until the water started to cool and felt good afterwards.

Duchy Collection Rose & Mandarin Bath Soak costs £4.95 for 250ml from Big Green Smile.


3 thoughts on “Duchy Collection Bath Soak Eco Product Review

  1. used to buy Duchy collection Bath soak in Waitrose. Can no longer find it. Are there other stockists, perhaps on line?


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