Nvohk Crowd Funded and Eco Conscious T-Shirts Launched

nvohk, the crowd funded (i.e. by members like you and me) eco-friendly t-shirt company that I’ve written about here,and many other places, has finally started selling eco-friendly t-shirts. As I’ve promised to keep you updated I though I would show you the t-shirts that I received a couple of weeks ago.

First, the co-founders who invested in the company voted on several designs to be printed in limited runs. They also voted on a new lovely logo, and have had various discussions regarding pricing and postage rates.

As you can see from the image, a tiny 10″x7″ package arrived containing my order. I was most impressed there was no further padding and this helps reduce waste and also keep the cost down. It contained three t-shirts so I was pretty happy. Of course they were very wrinkly, but that’s what an iron is for.

The photo below shows my order that contained two co-founder t-shirts and an ordered shirt (the tree of change). The co-founder t-shirts have changed a little since I posted a video of my previous shirt, and this time I also got a female version of it for my wife (the little t-shirt on the right obviously!).

The t-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton, and are now available for a nice $24.95 from the nvohk shop. I’ve been most impressed with the way Brendon and Sergio have been running things, some interesting discussions have been made, and I feel my views (and everyone’s views of course!) are listened to and acted upon where possible. You can of course, buy the t-shirts, but I also encourage you to join the other 500 or so people and consider becoming a member – this is how it works. Depending on how many t-shirts you want to order, the discounts available to members make joining worth it alone!


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