Avalon Organics Hand & Body Lotion Eco Product Review

Hand and body lotion is something used by millions of people every day so producing a version that’s kind to the environment is an ridiculously obvious idea, it’s strange we haven’t tested one before. So thanks to Big Green Smile for sending one for us to test.

Avalon Organics or Avalon Natural Cosmetics is a Canadian-based company that makes eco-friendly products, not tested on animals and not containing artificial colours or synthetic preservatives, parabens or mineral oil, and are vegetarian and hypo-allergenic. In addition its Hand & Body Lotion contains “a triple dose of rich lipid sources – certified organic sunflower, flaxseed and coconut oils”.

Avalon Hand & Body Lotion

The lotion itself is lovely. Thick and rich, one pump of the bottle actually gives out a little too much for both hands and it does take a little while to rub in, perhaps because it is so thick. But once rubbed in it does leave your hands feeling soft. I’m not sure about the rest of the body though as I wouldn’t think the bottle would last that long, but at 350ml it is pretty big compared to other hand and body lotions out there.

The one point of difference that makes this stand out has to be the product’s smell. It’s truly unique. It’s strong and actually made my nose tingle the first time I used it. I received the rosemary scented version (enriched with bets glucan, whatever that is), and it’s a lovely smell and makes you want to put your hands over your nose and keep smelling it. I’d advise not using it just before you eat as every time you take a mouthful that’s all you smell, which isn’t that bad a thing really. Maybe using less at a time would be a better idea!

Avalon Organics Hand & Body Lotion is available from Big Green Smile for £6.49 and is available in five different scents and an unscented version.


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