Interested in 100% Electric Scooters and Bikes?

We received a press release from a new store called eCo Wheelz which we thought looked interesting.

The store specializes in electric bikes, battery-powered scooters and mopeds. They are 100% electric and the owners say they provide an excellent money-saving alternative to gas-guzzling vehicles. Most (in some cases slightly worryingly!) require no insurance or registration. Good for the money conscious I suppose.

electric bicycle

Depending on the battery technology you choose, you can travel up to 30 miles per charge at up to 18 mph with no pedaling (the legal speed limit for electric bicycles is 20mph), but you can go faster if you want to pedal. There have a nice article on the cost of operating electric vs gasoline cycles and an FAQ.

Do you know of any other stores that sell electric cycles? What is your opinion of them? I’m seriously considering getting one myself as my efforts to avoid owning a car are suffering more and more and one day soon I may have to give in!


3 thoughts on “Interested in 100% Electric Scooters and Bikes?

  1. Last year when I was in China I was blown away by all the people riding bicycles and making progress without pedaling. It was downhill in every direction! I figured it out though. Gazillions of electric bicycles. And cheap, in China they were just over a hundred bucks each.


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