Bulldog Sensitive Shave Gel Eco Product Review

We have previously reviewed Bulldog Shave Gel and I expected the new Sensitive version to be pretty similar. However I was surprised!

Bulldog Sensitive Shave Gel

Bulldog Sensitive Shave Gel contains aloe vera (helps cool , soothe and soften), jojoba (natural moisturizer), sunflower oil (for “excellent slip”), and shea butter (again for moisturizing). As usual it does NOT contain parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colors or any synthetic fragrances.

The reason I was surprised is that it was white, and not a clear or semi-transparent gel. In fact it is more like a shave cream than a shave gel, though I doubt it’s technically a cream, it just seems like one. It had that wonderfully natural scent that I love in a lot of the eco products we test, probably the aloe vera.

As I usually use sensitive shave gel anyway (my wife says I’m a delicate little flower….) this worked as well as any other products as I’ve tried and the razor moves smoothly through it, not getting too “gummed” up with gel, like some other products I’ve tried that are too thick. It’s always great to use products that are free of things like parabens and others listed above, especially when using directly on your face.

Go to www.meetthebulldog.com to buy online or find stockists (including Sainsbury). A 175ml bottle costs around £3.49.


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