Creative Ways To Re-Use Junk Mail

Even if you unsubscribe to junk mail it can still come addressed to The Owner, or Current Resident. Sure, it may go straight into the recycling pile, but there are other creative things that can be done with junk mail (sorry, “direct mail”).

ProQuo has a great article showing 10 creative responses to junk mail. They include sculptures, portraits, mulch, and… well check out ProQuo for the full list.

Junk Mail Portrait

[Image from ProQuo]

2 thoughts on “Creative Ways To Re-Use Junk Mail

  1. My friend Su-Fang in Taipei and her friends and neighbors collect their junk mail and have an origami party. I have some nice origami fish that used to be advertising fliers.

    That ProQuo link doesn’t seem to work.


  2. Thanks Marilyn, it didn’t like the / at the end of the link for some reason, it’s fixed now.

    My origami skills are sadly lacking, but sounds cool! Happy New Year too 🙂


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