Weleda Deodorant Eco Product Review

Everyone wants to smell nice, but doing it in an environmentally friendly way isn’t easy. At Life Goggles we’ve reviewed a few different organic deodorants including Green People’s Organic Homme and my favourite, Bionsen. To try and change my favourite, Big Green Smile sent me a bottle of Weleda Deodorant.

Weleda deodorant

Available in citrus and sage flavours, I received the sage and was initially a little under whelmed. Used to the sweet smell of Bionsen, I thought the herbal flavour of this less impressive at first. It sprays on with a pump action and a couple of squirts is enough to cover your underarm. Like other organic deodorants, Weleda doesn’t stop you sweating, it lets the pores function properly but neutralises the bacteria which makes sweat smell bad.

Free from artificial colours, fragrances, preservatives and aluminium salts, the spray contains things like lemon juice and essential oils such as sage, pine, rosemary and lavender. It dries quickly when sprayed on and the slightly odd smell soon dissipates. As I said it doesn’t stop you sweating but it does work well and there was no noticeable smell and I’ve been really pleased with it over the last few weeks.

Weleda Deodorant in sage or citrus is available from Big Green Smile for £5.70. While not certified organic in the UK, it is in its home country of Germany where it is a BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetic.


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