EcoPerks Provides Perks For Being Green

In response to Adam’s post about MoreEco, a UK based shopping site that rewards you for buying green products, EcoPerks does a similar thing for the US.

Essentially the site gives you points in return for buying through their links, and you can continue to earn your other points or miles as normal. It does not restrict you to green products, you can buy almost any products that you would normally buy.


But what do you do with the EcoPoints? Well, use them to get EcoPerks of course! You can use them for such wide ranging things as buying carbon offsets to visiting the set of 24 (a carbon neutral TV show apparently), from a wall shelf drying rack to a Toyota Prius (only 10 million points…). It seems pretty good, getting something for helping the environment, but does require a change in shopping habits.

If you’ve used the site, please let me know what you think. Is it worth it?


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