True Grace Candle Eco Product Review

Regular readers may realise at Life Goggles we enjoy reviewing candles, and they don’t really get more special than ones from True Grace.

Created by husband and wife team Philippa Nolan and Roger Biles, handmade in England with 100% natural soya wax, that is locally sourced, True Grace candles exude luxury from the box. They come in plain boxes and ‘hatboxes’, they’re smart and presumably recyclable.

True Grace

The wording on the back of the box links smell with memory and emotion, which is immediately what happened when my girlfriend took the candle out. The one we received was the Library scented candle and it has flavours of cedar and sandlewood with a smoky resonance. She couldn’t get enough of it, the smell taking her back to a childhood memory of log burning fires. And this is before we even lit it.

With a burn time of 40 hours, the candle looks beautiful in its the etched glass holder and it doesn’t take long for the aroma to fill the room. I was a little worried it would overwhelm the room as it’s such a strong smelling candle when held close, but it’s more subtle when lit and is lovely.

The flame is more orange in colour than other candles I’ve got, which adds to my fascination even more. I regularly light candles and have been choosing this one more often than others just to get that delightful scent in the house. I might be addicted!

The are a whole range of different flavours and sizes available online at True Grace or in shops around the UK. The one I tested costs £18 for 190g or 6.5oz.


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