Espresso Packaging2Go Eco Product Review

Espresso Packaging2Go is a UK-based company which produces a range of environmentally friendly packaging. From palm leaf plates, wooden bowls, recycled cardboard lunch boxes, bamboo and fibre plates and much more, they make it. Espresso sent Life Goggles a whole host of things to test and put through its paces.

Corn starch

Disposable packaging is something modern society is never going to get away from. For all the good intentions, they’ll always be a time when you forget your lunch or your ceramic mug and need some food or a drink and pop to the shops. But why should disposable packaging be bad for the environment? Espresso Packaging2Go says it has a solution to that problem which its range of products.

Looking just like clear plastic cups or salad bowls, the corn starch range is really good. 100% biodegradable and from a renewable supply, they seem just like normal plastic cups. I’d still feel guilty about throwing a cup away after use but these aren’t made to last so in a way you have to throw them away.

Palm leaf

The palm leaf plates and bowls are very similar to the ones we’ve reviewed before (here and here) and I remain impressed and love using them. Very strong, you can use a usual knife and fork with them and hot, cold, heavy and sloppy food are easily coped with. I love these and are great for parties and barbeques.

There’s also a ‘woody’ range which has less impressive eco-credentials but is all biodegradable, as is the ‘pulp’ range which are moulded fibre products made from bamboo stalks, straw and bagasse, which is a sugar cane by product. These are like thick paper plates and are once again great for a disposable product, but obviously no replacement for something reusable.


The same can be said for the cutlery. Made from PSM, which amusingly stands for Poly Starch Material (I found it funny anyway), it’s a biodegradable resin that comes from starch corn. They’re much stronger than plastic cutlery I’ve used before and are even reusable for a couple of times anyway.

It’s been weird using disposable products and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. But these products are pretty good, have decent eco-credentials and it’s great the option of biodegradable disposable plates etc is out there. To find out more go to


One thought on “Espresso Packaging2Go Eco Product Review

  1. good article, I have problems with these other so-called ecofriendly disposables on offer, ie the pulp and corn starch derivatives as they are made using a lot of power and create a lot of waste. The corn starch derivatives I especially have problems with as with food shortages a plenty people are growing corn to make fuel and products? Crazy when there a millions starving. To be honest this is the main reason we only sell the palm leaf products as they are made of an actual waste product from an already existing resource.


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