Method Tub Scrub Eco Product Review

At home we have a separate bathroom and toilet, which is a shame as method’s Bowl Patrol and its Tub Scrub match quite nicely but are kept in different rooms.

Tub Scrub

Still, it doesn’t detract from how cool this bottle looks. For what is essentially a cream cleaner, the bottle is almost too cool for it. The prongs at the top are there to hold the sponge or cloth you do the cleaning with, something which I now use regularly and wouldn’t do without, it’s great just to be able to put the sponge back there with the bottle rather that in a bag or just in the cupboard next to it.

The cleaner itself is great too. Just squirt it around the bathtub and clean away. I found the taps came up really well too without a lot of effort. And it’s not just the bath that can benefit from this cleaner, the sink cleaned up great too.

The secret in its cleaning power is the use of finely milled marble in its ingredients, a first. And it’s still non-toxic and biodegradable – the first cool looking and environmentally friendly cream cleaner!

Available from places like John Lewis, Waitrose and Big Green Smile, you can look at method’s website to find more stockists. It costs around £3.00.


2 thoughts on “Method Tub Scrub Eco Product Review

  1. Hi. Just wanted to say that this product works amazing on ceramic flat-top stoves as well. I tried this instead of my usual cream cleaner. Though it does require rinsing with water after. Also you want to dry it with a soft cloth. But I found it cleaned much better. I don’t regularly clean my stove, so it gets really greasy and crusty… And I agree… It smells really good!


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