Another Place To Recycle Your Gadgets:

Back in 2007, Joel wrote about BuyMyTronics, which takes broken and old iPods, consoles, mobile phones etc. It then fixes them and sells them, keeping them out of landfill.

Well there’s another company that’s launched a similar service in the US. buys the same sort of stuff plus dvds, camcorders, cameras and all that sort of stuff. Not only does it promise to give an offer to anything you want to send it (it’ll pay for postage and packaging), you can choose to donate your money to charity rather than keep it too.

Seems pretty simple, just answer the questions it has for you online and a calculator will tell you how much it’ll pay for it. And it promise it won’t send a single thing to landfill.

Source: Springwise

One thought on “Another Place To Recycle Your Gadgets:

  1. I compared a few items between and gazelle.. consistently paid more per item and also pays the shipping. Gazelle only offers to recycle you item if the value of the item is around 25-30$ or less… Thats kinda weak!!! I know where my business is going.


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