JASON Tea Tree Deodorant Eco Product Review

JASON Pure, Natural & Organic products are new to me, but I was given the Tea Tree deodorant stick to try. Being a natural athlete (ahem), sweating is something I do when the temperature reaches about ten degrees Celsius, so it was a perfect choice for me to test.

Jason Tea Tree Deodorant Stick

The large deodorant stick is 2.5oz / 75g and besides containing certified organic tea tree leaf oil and Bisabolol (derived from Chamomile), is also alcohol, aluminum chlorohydrate and paraben free, contains no animal by-products and is not tested on animals. Tea tree oil is known (apparently) for its antifungal properties and helps the body get rid of odor-producing bacteria caused by perspiration. It also contains Azulene, for its skin soothing properties and is enriched with certified organic corn starch.

It is not too hard to test a deodorant, follow the instructions and go about your normal day and see if it works. It is not an anti-perspirant so I still sweated as usual but it did prevent any odor appearing, otherwise my other half would have been the first one to mention it. In fact it smelt very nice indeed, not a chemically as others I have tried and I am happy with it.

Available from lots of pharmacies, drug stores and online for around $5-$6.


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