5 Litre Kitchen Composter Eco Product Review

I was a little sceptical about having a composter in the kitchen having grown up with a large one in the garden, mainly for grass cuttings. And I don’t throw that much away that needs composting… do I?


It turns I do, or I did, as I don’t any more. The beauty of this composter is that you can just keep it right next to the sink or near the bin and then you just throw stuff in. Eggshells, vegetable peelings, teabags, banana skins and so on can just be tossed in. It’s amazing how much stuff used to go in the bin. Even things like paper can be composted and it’s good for the compost to throw some in occasionally. In fact, if you search the internet you can find ‘recipes’ for good compost.

With a secure lid that stops smells coming out and a carry handle, the design is simple but effective. And the fact that it’s small stops it becoming too smelly as you’ll fill it up quickly and empty it often.

The 5 Litre Kitchen Composter is available from Ethical Superstore for £4.95.


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