Land And Sky Organic Mattress Review

One of the things we definitely wanted when we move into our new house was an eco-friendly bed. The main part of that was a mattress not drenched in fire-retardant chemicals.

After doing some research and attempting to find somewhere near by that we could visit, we took a trip to Mattress World, part of Davis World, in Hillcrest, San Diego. They carried seven different organic mattresses at the time, telling me that they used to carry just one but as demand grew they increased the range and choice as more and more customers were looking for an organic mattress.


We chose the Land And Sky Mountain View mattress partly by recommendation partly by choice. Mattress World were shipping these mattresses all over the US to people who had never even tried them in their store, plus it’s extremely comfortable.

The bed has three inches of organic latex to provide additional support and is swathed in 100% organic cotton cover filled with naturally flame retardant, moisture wicking, insulating pure wool. This means there is no need for massive chemical treatment. The organic latex acts kind of like a memory foam but again, without the man-made chemicals.

The top rests atop an all-natural unvarnished wood foundation handcrafted in the Amish community. It comes in three varieties:

Mountain View Plush: The entry-level Mountain View model features everything listed above, and provides a plush feel for customers who desire a firmer feel.

Mountain View Euro Pillowtop: The mid-level Mountain View model features an additional three inches of BreatheFresh latex in a sewn-in Euro-style pillowtop.

Mountain View Boxtop: The top-of-the-line Mountain View model features an additional three inches of BreatheFresh latex in a free-floating boxtop-style pillowtop, providing the utmost in comfort that conforms to your body.

After three months of sleeping on the bed I’ve no complaints, it’s very comfortable, the only problem being I have difficulty getting out of bed in the morning!


14 thoughts on “Land And Sky Organic Mattress Review

  1. So glad I found your post on Google! My daughter is transitioning to a big-girl bed and I really wanted an organic mattress and need it in a week. Didn’t think I’d find anywhere to try them out in San Diego and was looking for a recommendation – you helped with both! Thanks! We should soon have a wonderful eco-friendly mattress in our house.


  2. We recently bought the Heaven and Earth bed from Land and Sky with a medium-top (softness wise). I have woken up with every morning with a sever lower back pain.
    When I was buying the mattress, the store owner told me that Land and Sky was very good with adjusting the comfort level – so if we need to change the softness level they would do it happily. Buying a $3500 mattress you would think that would be true. However, now Land and Sky dont want to help with it – they wanted me to pay another $400 to just switch out the top layer.
    We used to have a futon bed a few years ago (all natural but not organic cotton) – and that bed was far more comfortable (and only $400).
    Based on the quality of the mattress and the completely rude and poor service – I would not recommend Land and Sky at all.

    Why would you want to buy from a company that has a very expensive product, and have no customer satisfaction focus. Would you buy a BMW or a Lexus if you didnt have the high-level of customer service?


  3. Sorry to hear about your problem. I did not buy my mattress direct from Land and Sky so have not dealt with their customer service, and you seem to have a much more expensive mattress than I got, mine was no more expensive than a “normal” queen mattress. I’ve had it now for over six months and not had a problem with back pain in the slightest. In fact I have trouble adjusting to other beds because I find this one so comfortable, but everyone is different.


  4. I did not buy direct either – but the local shop (small shop) – was being as nice as he could. I finally talked to Land and Sky and they were not at all helpful.

    My problem is not with the mattress itself – but the company and their attitude on how they deal with customer’s issue. The lady I spoke to was not willing to even listen to the problems I was having with the mattress – she said ” you tried it in the store we cant help with that”. Another company would at least be interested in knowing what the problem I was having and make suggestions on what I could do to get more comfort with their product?


  5. We also bought a Heaven and Sky mattress and have had an experience similar to the negative review above. Our mattress was way to hard and they suggested we buy an expensive topper for our expensive bed. Instead we opted to switch out to softer layers, still uncomfortable, but at least we could sleep on it. Now a year and a half later, the mattress is sagging worse than any mattress I’ve ever owned. I sent photos to Land and Sky as they requested, but they won’t respond and neither will the dealer. Worse mattress ever!!!!! Really regret talking my husband into buying this mattress. Thankfully, he is a kind man and doesn’t rub it in too often. Can’t wait until we can afford a new mattress. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Organic mattresses typically aren’t very comfortable. They tend to be very firm like you’ve described.

    We invented a natural memory foam.

    Organic mattress are typically topped with wool or a softex latex in an attempt to soften up the surface. We solved this issue by inventing a natural memory foam out of rubber tree sap.

    Problem solved 😉


  7. Glad to know you bought a mattress you really like. Mattress buyers should put their comfort preference at the top of their priority instead of just relying on sales pitch. Before buying, know exactly what the comfort level you want, the right size, the right thickness and the right technology.


  8. this looks like a good bed.

    here in the UK we’ve noticed a massive increase in the popularity of mattresses made from organic materials. it makes so much sense investing in a quality mattress bearing in mind the average person spends about 1/3 of their life in bed!


  9. Our mattress is supposedly all natural and organic as well. The problem I am having is that it is way too firm. The model in the store wasn’t as firm and stiff as the bed that was delivered, maybe because the showroom model has been broken in. Our mattress doesn’t sag at all but I am hoping it will soften up over time. Perhaps we should try a soft latex topper?


  10. I have been looking for an organic mattress myself – a good one. Unfortunately, I have learned myself that natural organic mattresses are often uncomfortable, very hard. I discovered this while working with the site owner of He reviews mattresses all the time and says that there are other options for eco-friendly mattresses that aren’t quite so uncomfortable – that memory foam one mentioned above might be a good choice too. Will definitely be checking it out…for now, I don’t think Land and Sky is quite what I’m looking for….


  11. Hey Joel,
    It’s good that you like your mattress, but you may want to verify what you got really is a pure mattress. Land and Sky isn’t really know for being too pure. You want to check that the wool you got is USA wool and that it came from woolgatherers strictly(only wool distributor in the US that is actually organic and not chemical laden). You would also want to get test results for the wool and the rubber, make sure the rubber was tested for at least a week to a week and a half and was tested to the lowest levels. Lastly, you want to make sure the rubber is not talalay! Talalay always has chemicals and is made with petroleum based artificial vanillin scent. You also want to check that the cotton outer is certified organic and that if the rubber is dunlop processed like it should be if it were pure, that it consists of only 100% natural rubber and no blends at all! Check for this or you may have spent extra money on a mattress that isn’t actually pure.


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