Greening Your Business Can Make A Difference

I received a quick email from a company keen to show off how simple changes (not necessarily easy changes) can green a business.

Mountain Rose Herbs is setting a great example when it comes to sustainable business practices:

  • They adhere as much as possible to producing “Zero Waste”– which means that materials which might be regarded as waste are recycled, re-used, composted, reclaimed, or brought back into the production cycle.
  • Their staff of 60 people produces only about 80 gallons of waste each month–the equivalent of an average four person household.
  • For their catalog, they use 100-percent post-consumer recycled paper and all their delivery trucks run on 100 percent locally produced biodiesel.
  • They are one of the only US companies to carry Fair Trade Certified™ herbs–a certification that guarantees suitable working conditions and a fair price for labor.

To achieve the impressive stat about the waste they produce, they have a series of measures that you can read about here, and their guiding principles here.


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