Green Link Love – Other Great Green Sites 6

We get a lot of emails each month over at Life Goggles, but I particularly link the ones from individuals (and some PR companies) that recommend certain sites that I can check out when I have time.

Shawn sent email about C02 stats which is a site that can make any website carbon neutral and shows visitors you’re environmentally friendly. You can see it installed at the bottom right of this site.

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Green and Save was founded by a guy who built one of America’s most energy independent homes and in the process created the first Return on Investment calculations for over 50 green home remodeling projects. The site has lots of informative videos that use his home as an example to other homeowners. It also has a free carbon counter so individuals could better understand their impact, and an Eco Family Guide to help families live greener and healthier.

Svenn sent email about his sites Present Room and Gifts In Real Shops, both sites that aim to have a solution to unwanted gifts (=unwanted CO2 emissions).

Angelina sent email about Ecovian who are creating online green communities around major US cities that share info & reviews on local green resources & green businesses. For example, they have info on organic restaurants, eco-friendly & non-toxic baby stores, natural clothing stores, green bed & bath stores in about 8 major US cities so far.

SunRun, the solar power company, brings together their brightest minds for their new blog Sweet Solar Home. The blog is written by employees from SunRun, whose expertise lie in the fields of Solar Economics, Solar Technology, Solar Policy, Solar Industry News and Solar Home ownership.

Julie sent me an email about Green Hearted that is aimed at teachers, giving a primer on transformative education for sustainability – what you’ll need in order to green your classroom, your curriculum, your students’ learning, your school community, and your life’s work as a teacher.

Finally another shout to David over at The Good Human who is doing sterling work as always on his excellent blog.

You can read the previous editions of Green Link Love here: one, two, three, four and five.


5 thoughts on “Green Link Love – Other Great Green Sites 6

  1. I always love when you share some other green websites. I really like the one about the energy efficient home guy “Green and Save”


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