EcoSMART Organic Insecticide Product Review

I’m not a big fan of the word insecticide, it conjures images of harsh chemicals sprayed onto the food I eat. However when asked to test Organic Ant & Roach Killer by EcoSMART, it was a good opportunity as I have an ant problem.

It’s listed as being non-toxic which is not quite true, it’s toxic to ants and roaches and certainly does kill them! It’s not toxic to your pets and kids (and you!), though as with anything I wouldn’t spray it in your eyes… It’s certainly less toxic than most commercial insecticides. The organic part refers to the treatment of the plant ingredients that are used, it’s classed as a Minimal-Risk pest control product, as all ingredients are “food-grade” and regarded as “Generally Recognized As Safe” by the USDA.

EcoSmart Organic insecticide

The ants that are invading my home certainly didn’t like it, I sprayed it around entry points in the hope they get the message that they’re not welcome. As far as I can tell it worked great. Technically it works when the plant oil gets inside of the insect’s exoskeleten and blocks the octopamine neuroreceptor sites, causing the little fellas to die. Well, it is called Organic Ant & Roach Killer.

They also make cool, safe, insect repellent without using harsh chemicals like DEET. While there are other home-made alternatives, such as vinegar or boric acid and sugar, if you’re wanting to buy an off-the-shelf product and aren’t looking to poison your family, then take a look at this.

EcoSMART will point you to the nearest store, but in my area places like Albertsons, Ralphs, Food4Less in the US have it, or you can get it from Amazon in a two pack.


5 thoughts on “EcoSMART Organic Insecticide Product Review

  1. What are you kidding? This stuff reeks. I know it’s natural but the ingredients are so strong that it smells like a very strong industrial insecticide with an hint of peppermint. Only, unlike any industrial insecticide I’ve ever used, the smell from EcoSmart doesn’t go away. It’s been two weeks and I’m still getting headaches from this stink. I’m not the only one either, just Google this stuff and see the horror stories for yourself. Obviously the person that made the review above never used EcoSmart in his own home or he’d be warning you rather than endorsing the stuff.


  2. Where do I say it doesn’t reek?! Mine actually smells of bubblegum and not mint so you might have a different type. Also this review was over a year ago so it may have changed. I used it the night before last and the smell goes away in 20 minutes with the windows open.


  3. Joel,

    If the product has changed then you have my apologies. However, the current product is horrible. In fact if you go to Amazon eleven out of eighteen reviews (61%) are strongly negative because of the lingering toxic odor. Apparently, the words “Green” and/or “Organic” allow these companies to operate without nearly the same regulation as let’s say Ortho or Bayer and that’s a shame because this stuff has made me and my family (and apparently others) sick, which never happened with chemical insecticides. The fact is that there should be a huge WARNING label on this product tantamount to the Surgeon General’s warning on cigarettes. In fact, I discovered that EcoSmart retains their own Chemical emergency/first aid response team – if their product is so safe why do they need this? BTW, I’m glad it got rid of the ants for you because the ants I sprayed with it just laughed. Boric Acid, however, did work beautifully.


    1. It must be different, as at the moment I’m using mine in different places about every other day and it kills them just like any other product. It’s good to know though as it’s running out and I was thinking of getting more (the packaging is different now too).
      I use Boric Acid outside the house but can’t inside because of pets.


  4. I have to add to this. The smell is not a toxic smell but an organic smell of essential oils which include clove, rosemary, peppermint and thyme. We live in an RV and have been fighting those pesky sugar ants and this worked better than anything else I tried. To me it’s a clean fresh organic smell….I used Organic Home Pest Control 2 for Indoor/Outdoor use….it also depends on how much you use on an application – a little goes a long way. I would highly recommend this to those looking for a greener alternative.


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