Sam Smith’s Organic Cider Eco Product Review

I’ll mention this straight away, I love this cider as if it were part of my family. I just can’t get enough of it, although for health reasons and the fact I have to go to work I do limit my intake of it.

Cider is becoming more and more popular, poured over ice it’s a trendy summer drink, which, truth be told, is how I got into drinking cider. But after drinking this it’s hard to go back to the trendy, mass-produced brands.

Brewed by Samuel Smith’s brewery in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire since 1758, there are Sam Smith’s pubs across England offering beer, ale, lager, cider and spirits all under its own brand. I love going the local one to me, not only because it’s a nice pub but the beer is cheap! And the cider is fantastic, but not that cheap.

Made from organically grown apples, the organic cider is certified by the Soil Association and is suitable for vegans. It’s refreshing, light in colour and taste with a sharp apple flavour. If you like Bulmers or Magners over ice you’ll love this.

The bottle is also quite cool, called a ‘Victorian pint bottle’ with simple old-style label. What makes me laugh is the serving suggestions on the back. It says: “Cream soups; salad with vinaigrette dressing; a classic companion to pork dishes; wonderful to clean the palate after spicy food yet subtle enough to pair with delicate flavours”. So basically with everything then!

And I would drink it with anything to be honest. A 550ml bottle costs around £3.00 from a Samuel Smith pubs.


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