VerTerra Signature Compostable Plates Eco Review

We’ve looked at VerTerra dinner plates before, and they have now released their Signature Collection.

I got a four piece pack including a 6″ and 8″ plate, a 6″ bowl and a small tray. Essentially more curvy and stylish than the plates in my previous video, they still undergo the same rigorous steaming and heating to sterilize the fallen leaves that can be then used as plates and bowls. As always they are chemical-free, non-toxic, biodegradable, sustainable, renewable, microwave, oven-, and refrigerator-safe, and at the end of their use, compostable (unlike recycled paper plates).

I found them to be a great talking point at our housewarming party, plus made me feel good about the leftover trash! And they look more stylish than the regular versions. They held up well, though through a variety of sauces and cutting they’re not really reusable, but are not intended to be. No need to transfer leftovers on to another plate or bowl to put in the fridge either, as they are safe to use there, and also safe for the microwave when the food was reheated.

The question I got most after “what are they made of?” is “how much do they cost?”. Compared to other eco friendly choices, they are more expensive than recycled paper (not compostable or oven safe), recycled plastic (not biodegradable, compostable or oven safe), bio plastic corn (no hot liquids, nor oven safe and partially compostable), but cheaper than bamboo paper plates that aren’t compostable or oven safe. Price varies by size of plate and the number of plates you get, so take a look at their website for the latest info.

My cousin summed them up: “Dinnerware from fallen leaves? Nice!”


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