Green People Organic Homme Cool Down Moisturiser Eco Product Review

I’ve reviewed quite a few moisturisers in my time (such as the Bulldog one and Australian Organics) and we’ve also reviewed another product in this Organic Homme range from Green People, the shaving gel. I had high hopes for this moisturiser and it didn’t disappoint.

Organic Homme moisturiser

Kindly send to us by So Organic, this moisturiser is intended for use after shaving, playing sports or being in the sun. As I do little of those three I’ve been using it as a daily moisturiser for testing and have found it works really well. As described in many of past past reviews, having a beard makes it difficult for some moisturisers to soak into the skin. This wasn’t as thick of some of the others I’ve tested and works into the skin nicely.

I can see why it’s not intended as a daily, all over the face moisturiser as unlike other brands which tend to be unscented, this has quite a strong smell of (supposedly) aloe vera, mint and calendula. And it specifically says to avoid the eye area as the mint and eucalyptus oils involved might cause them to sting. You can change the word ‘might’ to ‘does’ as I didn’t read the back before trying it out, but it wasn’t too bad really.

Vegan friendly and made from 93% certified organic materials, Green People also donates 10% of its net profit to charity which is great to see. Green People Organic Homme Cool Down Moisturiser is available from So Organic and costs £9.78 for 125ml.


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