Recycled Paper Products from LetsGoGreen Review

I recently took the opportunity to test out some new recycled paper products from LetsGoGreen, the online only eco-friendly supplier.


We have previously taken a look at some of their green products here , but this time I wanted to check out the recycled paper sampler, and some other items.

I’ve tested the toilet paper before and pretty good it is too, indistinguishable from most other types, and certainly a lot better for the environment, being recycled without chlorine or bleaching.

The paper towels were of a handy size (we had some old ones from Costco that came off the roll about the size of a bath towel….) and cheaper when buying a single roll or 6-pack than that of Bounty from my local grocery store. With more sheets too, though I’m not sure of the size of the sheets.

The recycled facial tissues are good, though if you’re of the sensitive type, they are not as soft as other non-recycled brands. They’re perfectly good for me though, and again the price is good.

The recycled napkins – I can’t tell the difference between the other non-recycled ones we have. I’m sure not many people could and they, er, work perfectly well too.

While I was there I also bought a toilet tank bank for my new house (I didn’t take the old one with me….) and some more degradable trash bags, which at the moment of writing, are on sale.


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