Lavera Men Care All-Round Moisturizing Cream Eco Product Review

Despite Lavera being German it seems to spell moisturising, moisturizing, which America likes and my spell-checker doesn’t. Anyway it doesn’t really matter, what does matter is whether Lavera’s All-Round Moisturizing Cream works or not. And it does, but it’s a bit of a longer story than that.

Male Organics sent me the cream which carries Germany’s organic certification BDIH and is good for the hands and face. As I’m not really into moisturising my hands, I’ve been using it after washing my face (with either Bulldog’s face wash or face scrub). And it works well.

Lavera cream

It’s quite a thick cream but even with a beard it still rubs in nicely. I like the smell too. Bizarrely is smells of lemons more than Lavera’s shampoo (which may mean the shampoo is actually lime flavoured – I got a bit confused) and there’s only a tiny bit of Limonene natural oil in the cream. It also smells of almonds which is quite nice and better than other creams I’ve used. I would still prefer no scent but at least this is a pleasant smell.

The ingredients list is quite lengthy but seems to be mostly made up of essential oils and other oils and extracts. It’s vegan-friendly too so the ingredients are all good. In fact I’ve been pleasantly surprised how much I like this cream. The only complaint I can have really is that it’s quite a small tube for the price – just 30ml. This is more of a high-end cosmetic, not something I would normally buy. Although the results have been very good, I’m not sure it’s good enough to make me switch from cheaper brands. But if you’re buying expensive cosmetic products anyway, I would certainly suggest this as an alternative.

Lavera Men Care All-Round Moisturizing Cream costs £6.45 from Male Organics.


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