Monte Bianco Clip Toothbrush Eco Product Review

So Organic recently sent me a toothbrush to review and while I have reviewed one before (the Preserve one here), they’re not the easiest things to review.

Monte Bianco Clip

Except this Monte Bianco one is so different it’s quite easy to review really. It’s a toothbrush that you keep forever – well the handle at least. When the brushes start to wear out you just buy a replacement head rather that a whole new brush – saving on waste and also using oil to make the plastic for a new brush.

It’s a very good idea and works well. I was afraid to take the head off at first as it was a little bit of a struggle and I was afraid of breaking it. But if they made it too easy it’d come off in your mouth I suppose. So Organic also sells the replacement heads too and at £3.50 for three, it makes economic sense to buy them as well as being green.

The head on my brush has nylon bristles, making it vegan-friendly, but they do make a version with natural bristles too which are made from boar hair. They don’t even hurt the boars, just shear them like sheep.

Monte Bianco Clip

Brightly coloured, the Monte Bianco Clip is quite a stiff brush and a little shorter than my previous one which took me a little while to get used to. It’s compact size means I’ve been keeping it in my toiletry bag and using when I go away. I like it just as much as the Preserve one but wish they could combine the two – have one made from yoghurt pots but with a removable head.

The Monte Bianco Clip costs £2.60 from So Organic.


One thought on “Monte Bianco Clip Toothbrush Eco Product Review

  1. I live in Brisbane Australia and have been purchasing Monte-bianco clip brushes for quite some time. My usual suopplier (Biome) can no longer supply and have been unable to source a new supplier. Does anyone know where I can purchase them in Brisbane or on line?


    Ted Ireland


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