Bringing Back Hand me Downs

Remember when you got given the jumper your older brother/sister had finished with instead of getting a new one? Well that never seemed cool to me, but British brand Howies is trying to change that.

It’s new range is called Hand-Me-Down and while not used in themselves, the products in the range are guaranteed for 10 years meaning you’re bound to pass it on to someone when you’ve had enough of it.

Currently just comprising of three bags and two jacket, the range obviously has good eco-credentials with the jacket being made from organic ‘ventile’ (a thick cotton) and organic tweed. This is a long process and means the finished product doesn’t come cheap – the bags are around £195 and the jackets a eye-watering £400. But it’s an answer to fast-fashion, something that’s not disposable and you’ll keep for years. And the jacket’s nice too.

Hand me down

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