Chartreuse Cleaning Products Eco Product Review

Chartreuse Products is a new “eco-chic” company based in Lafayette, California selling fashionable shopping bags, organic personal care and in the case of this review, earth-friendly cleaning products.

You’ve read many cleaning product reviews on Life Goggles, some already mixed and some you create yourself. What makes Chartreuse cleaners different is that they fully list the ingredients and they are sold in pre-measured concentrate pouches that use 75% less plastic than a bottle.

The pouches (and reusable bottles) pictured came delivered in an eco-conscious way, the pouches were wrapped in sticky backed bubble wrap (a first for me), but also 100% biodegradable plastic bags (which look just like the excellent Pooch Poop Pouches they sell!)


I received Organic Bathroom Cleaner with Cirtus and Ginger essential oils, Organic Hand and Dish Soap with Luscious Lemongrass essential oils, and Organic All Purpose Cleaner with Pepperming Zinger essential oils. All the pouches were concentrates so I simply opened the 4oz (118ml) pouches and poured into the provided 32oz spray bottles (or 20oz foamer bottle for the soap). You know the products are natural when the directions say “if ingested, drink milk or water”, and not “go to the emergency room”…

The soap is a nice product to use, foaming up and smelling great. Frankly, the bathroom cleaner smells wonderful. I’ve smelled (and drunk) worse cocktails than that, it must be because the ingredients are only saponified organic oils of coconut, olive and jojoba, distilled white vinegar, essential oil blend of citrus, ginger and tea tree, sodium borate, organic aloe vera and rosemary extract. The all purpose cleaner worked as well as I thought it would, and should do in an averagely dirty house like mine!

Check out their website for the cleaners, plus other cool stuff like recycled notebooks, biodegradable bags, fashionable shopping bags and personal care products. You can also become a reseller, or “consultant”, and they have a resource center answering questions such as how to read product labels.


One thought on “Chartreuse Cleaning Products Eco Product Review

  1. I think what sounds good with Chartreuse cleaners is the fact that all ingredients are listed which obviously a great way to help people like us make ours. Visited their site and not a lot to get out though. But thanks for sharing.


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