Ford Makes Over 100,000 Hybrids

Ford has produced it’s 100,000th hybrid, rolling off the line in Kansas City, with next generation hybrid, battery-electric vehicles and a plugin hybrid coming in 2012. Currently the hybrids are just the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner vehicles, but the much discussed Ford Fusion hybrid, and the Mercury Milan hybrid come out next year, 2010.

“As we celebrate our 100,000th hybrid, America’s interest in hybrid vehicles keeps a does Ford’s commitment to advanced powertrain technologies that deliver greater fuel economy, lower emissions and help enhance our country’s energy security. No domestic automaker has more real-world experience with hybrid vehicle technology than Ford, and it shows in the quality and fuel economy of our vehicles.”
– Bill Ford, Executive Chairman, Ford Motor Company

With an increasing commitment to alternative fuels, and more environmentally friendly vehicles, hopefully the next 100,000 come along much sooner. Read more about it here.


2 thoughts on “Ford Makes Over 100,000 Hybrids

  1. The ironic thing is my old 1992 Honda Civic CX still gets 45 mpg and it is not remotely a hybrid. I’m waiting for the technology to amaze me when it comes to these cars before I need to buy another one. Heck, my purchase and repair of this car years ago prevented quite a few pieces from getting scrapped.


  2. Very true, I think hybrids are great choices if you want a new car, and if you would be buying a less efficient version of the car normally. There is a balance between mpg and emissions too.


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