Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera Gel from Trust William Eco Product Review

Healthcare company Trust William sent us some Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera Gel for testing and I’ll say straight off, we’re very impressed.

I say ‘we’ as my girlfriend has been hogging it as she likes it so much. More of that later. The gel is 99.9% ‘bio active’ aloe vera gel, which means it contains some other bits and bobs, and is labelled organic although it’s not certified as such. It is certified by the International Aloe Science Council for its ‘aloe content and purity’ though – if that means anything to you.

Aloe Vera Gel

If you’re wondering what you actually do with the gel, well the simple answer is that it’s for the skin. But that means you can use it as a moisturiser, for scars, stretch marks, sun burn and minor burns. If you’ve ever used an aloe plant to soothe your skin, it does the same thing. My girlfriend particularly likes using it on her newly shaved legs to cool them down and soothe them.

Although unscented, it has the famous aloe smell and feels like it’s going to be sticky but after light massaging it soaks into the skin nicely. As summer is coming around we’ll be using it after being out in the sun to moisturise the skin.

It really is a useful product to have around and can be used on a daily basis or sparingly when the need arises. I’m going to be trying it on my ankle scar after an operation to see if it lessens the redness and itching and will update this review as I do.

Trust William also sell different types of the gel – with added tea tree oil and a antioxidant and vitamin version so it’s worth checking out which you prefer. In the range there’s also shampoos and sun lotions as well.

Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera Gel costs £2.99 for 100ml (£4.99 for 200ml) from Trust William.


10 thoughts on “Aloe Pura Organic Aloe Vera Gel from Trust William Eco Product Review

  1. The Made from Earth PURE ALOE Treatment is what I’ve been looking for for a very long time. Its pure Aloe Vera without all the chemicals.

    If you read the ingredient lists on your regular aloe vera lotion / gel that you can buy in any grocery store, there are always chemicals added to make the aloe vera juice into a gel. Made from Earth’s Pure Aloe Vera Treatment does not contain these additives – What you get is pure aloe vera – aloe vera in nature. It goes on your skin nicely and sinks in completely without the residue that you get from commercial gels. Wonderful product! Keep it in your fridge to prolong its shelf life and to add to its skin cooling! I’m hooked and won’t buy any other aloe vera product anymore.

    You can find them at


  2. I agre with paula

    I began using aloe vera for sunburns about 20 years ago. Soon after I also began to use it as an after shower moisturizer, for my face in particular. Skin tends to feel rather tight and dry following a shower. This became part of my routine and I haven’t looked back.

    For 20+ years now following every shower … occasionally at other times during the day I have been using aloe. I have always liked the fact that it was natural, non-greasy and essentially disappeared about five minutes after using with no residue leaving your skin properly moisturized. Evidence suggests that aloe provides significant benefits far exceeding simple sunburn treatments. This seems to be backed up by the fact that island residents where aloe is prevalent and used regularly tend to have skin looking years younger than the user’s true age.

    My preference is towards the more natural. Aloe from the plant is a clear gel – not green as many products show it. I suppose some manufacturers have made it green because that color is either expected or more pleasing in some way but if you are looking for natural you want it clear and as close to 100% aloe vera as is possible. Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera fills the bill on all fronts. 100% aloe vera, no added color, no added alcohol etc. It has become our house favorite.

    Side note: at the time I began using it I was not seeking a youth potion, just a way of getting rid of that tight dry feeling following a shower. I don’t know if credit belongs with the aloe, heridity, luck or some combination but my skin appears quite a bit younger than my age should dictate. Take that for what it is.


  3. I would like to say that I found the Aloe Pura conditioner incredibly frustrating. On the back of the product it says the conditioner leaves the hair ‘manageable and beautifully conditioned’ and I found it had the reverse effect. My hair became tangled and knotty and it would take me about half an hour to brush through it. My hair has become noticeably frizzier and looks unhealthy and dry after using it and on top of all this, the conditioner itself smells of cheescake. I want my money back!


  4. The Organic Alo Vera Gel 99.9%, from ‘Aloe Pura laborators’, actually left my face all dry and red after I put it on, my face wasn’t all that dry before I put that gel on and there are almost like dry patches of leftover aloe stuff on my face (I put it on like 20 mins ago and at least I’m not that red anymore, but my face still feels dry) and I feel like if I smile I’ll just get all wrinkled or sum. I just bought this gel yesterday and I think next time I’ll just try to get me the actual aloe vera plant, cause I don’t know what on EArth that last percent of ingredients are… :/ doesn’t feel right… 😦 I’m trying to find a good lotion for my pimplescars 😦


  5. I, like the last contributor, found that the product dries out your skin. Excitedly, I bought the product this morning; applied it on my face about half an hour ago, and it has left my face feeling really dry. “Aloe Pura LABORATORIES – Organic Aloe Vera Gel with Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E!,” I feel like I’ve just thrown a fiver down the drain. What a waste of money. That author stated the product had been “certified by the International Aloe Science Council for its ‘aloe content and purity’ – in other words, 1% pure aloe content and 99% crap (bits and bobs). I’ve yet to try the aloe plant, perhaps that’ll be my next move, we’ll see… purchase with caution!


  6. My house is never without the Made from Earth Aloe Vera Skin Treatment and I’ve tried many kinds. Most of what has been available has been in gel form – which is full of chemicals! To make it gel-like, carcinogenic preservatives are used, as well as artificial colors, scents, etc. All I want is 100% aloe vera.

    Since finding the Made from Earth Aloe Vera (including the Aloe & Jojoba for the body), I keep one bottle on the frig door at all times for a more immediate cooling, soothing effect. One bottle is in the bathroom medicine cabinet and one in the bedroom. Its not a gel – its a real aloe vera cream that is potent.


  7. Good product review. I agree that aloe vera is really effective for skin care. I have proven myself that 100% aloe vera soothes cuts and burns. I have that in my garden apparently due to climate change, it did not survive. I also use aloe vera for my hair, it’s like a conditioner. So if this is 99% I believe this will work great too since there’s no chemicals.


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