Ode Magazine Walks the Green Talk

Ode magazine comes highly recommended by a green friend of mine who describes it as “a beacon of grounded, real positivity in these challenging times”. It’s about positive change – about the innovations and ideas that are changing the planet for the better. While most media focus on what’s going wrong, Ode looks at what’s going right, and spreads good news by telling the stories of people who are making a difference.

It actively reaches out to readers and gives them ways to contribute content and connect with each other, amplifying the impact they can have in the world. Everybody is welcome to contribute to the Exchange section, where original and found articles are and they have a rotating featured blogger each month.

How can a magazine be green? Ode is printed on recycled paper, but they also offer a digital edition, replicating the experience of thumbing through a magazine, on your computer, minus the paper. A sample of that can be found here.

It has different sections that cover books, music, film, the web. Travel and nature. Food. Beauty, health, and fitness. Spirit and meditation. Gadgets and technology. Ode to people, passion, and possibilities, in sections such as:

Business – Entrepreneurs and businesses doing well by doing good
Energy – Exploring how the balance of power is shifting in the energy sector
News – Good, not bad; solutions, not problems
Health & Science – Alternative methods to help and to heal
Life – Real stories about people making real changes
Spirit – Spirituality in our daily minds and our daily lives
Marketplace – Products that make a difference
Ode to Possibilities – New, inspiring ways to solve problems

They’ve also got three columnists giving you something to think about, be inspired by, and take action, in your life, your community, and your heart: Paolo Coelho, bestselling Brazilian author of The Alchemist; Amy Domini, an innovator and expert on sustainable and ethical investing; David Servan-Shreiber, French author and psychiatrist .

We have a blogger exclusive deal to get you an issue of Ode for free, then it’s $19.95 for a year, $10 less then the already good rate, they plant a tree in your name, and your get a Thich Nhat Hanh meditation CD. If you decide it’s not for you, just return the bill marked “cancel.” and you’ve spent nothing, owe nothing but keep the Free Preview issue no matter what.

I think I may actually break my habit of a lifetime and give it a go myself.


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