Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting All Natural Deodorant Eco Product Review

Natural deodorants get bad press in general, mainly because nasty chemicals are needed to stop sweat. But then you read that stopping sweat is actually bad for you and you should just concentrate on making sure you don’t smell. This is where I think natural deodorants can come into their own.

Long Lasting Deodorant

I received the roll-on version of Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting All Natural Deodorant to test from Big Green Smile and have taken a while doing so, mainly because it’s been cold in England. Well it has been winter. I wanted to wait until it was a bit warmer and spring seems to have finally sprung and blossom is in the air.

Applying the deodorant is as easy as ever, it is quite wet but I think that’s because I don’t usually use a roll-on, but leaving it a minute before I put my shirt on meant there were no wet marks before I’d even go going.

I used a fragrance free version, which actually has a slightly sweet and very pleasant smell. It’s not something you end up smelling all day either, it’s quite mild once it’s applied. There’s a calendula scented version too.

My experience of wearing it is mainly successful. On a quiet day it worked well, towards the end of the working day or if going out after work I’d recommend reapplying it just to freshen up, but lasting a good eight-hours is pretty impressive in my book. What it doesn’t do is stop you sweat. As mentioned, it’s hard to do naturally and you need to sweat to cool down so if you’re looking for an anti-perspirant, look elsewhere. It does work as advertised though and stop your sweat smelling.

As strange as it may sound, I’ve enjoyed testing this out and seeing what it can do, The addition of zinc ricinoleate in the ingredients may be to thank for its success, but as with the Tom’s of Maine mouthwash, it’s a great little product which is well worth a try if you’re in the market for a natural deodorant.

Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting All Natural Deodorant costs £4.10 and is available from Big Green Smile.


6 thoughts on “Tom’s of Maine Long Lasting All Natural Deodorant Eco Product Review

  1. I like the 2 statements you make with this product:

    1. “you should just concentrate on making sure you don’t smell”
    2. “I used a fragrance free version”

    It seems like even a bigger challenge to pull this off since most deodorants have a strong pleasant smell to them. Of course, I guess it’s like the febreze concept. It eliminates odors right?


  2. Yep, doesn’t mean you smell nice, but means you don’t smell bad when you do sweat. Just use a nice aftershave with it I reckon, although I haven’t found an organic aftershave yet…


  3. You may also try – 100% all Natural deodorant that really works – do not contain harmful Aluminum, Do not block exit of perspiration and toxins through your Armpit and yet provide perfect protection from the odor – you can also learn a lot of very important and real health issues regarding deodorants and other cosmetics at


  4. I have tried this every all natural deodorant there is almost and none did what they said they would. Some made body odour even worse or made my skin a funny color. Rocky Mountain Botanicals has an AMAZING all natural deodorant. My Naturopathic Doctor sells it in her office. Havent seen it in stores yet but their web site is I have tried them all and this one really works! I apply it once and it lasts all day! No odour! Even in the extremely hot climate I live in. Love it! You should really check it out and review it for others.


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