Method Moisturising Handsoap Eco Product Review

Is there no end to the amount of method products? Not that I’m complaining, in fact I’m quite please the company has something for adults as so far in the UK the only skincare products it’s launched have been for babies and kids.

This moisturising handsoap comes in a cool little square bottle covered in an 80% recycled cardboard sleeve, which you can take off if you like. Containing olive oil and aloe vera and free from things like parabens, this handsoap really does moisturise as promised.

Method Handsoap

Silky smooth with a lovely scent, my hands felt nice and clean afterwards. The smell is more fresh than anything else, adding to the natural feel of the product. Available from supermarkets, department stores and online at Big Green Smile, Method Moisturising Handsoap costs £3.25.


4 thoughts on “Method Moisturising Handsoap Eco Product Review

  1. I’m guessing the brown part of the soap is the 80% recycled part. Couldn’t they have just imprinted the name on the white container and not used a sleeve at all?


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