Don’t Bin It, Recycle It

A recent animated video from Recycle Now has been released, highlighting the need to recycle small electronic devices. The aim of the film is to remind people not just to bin their waste electrical goods and tell them about where and how they can dispose of it responsibly (UK based).

The campaign is also being supported by the interactive ‘Regeneration Game‘ (based on the Generation Game) in which users put in their UK postcode before playing and then the game cleverly features details of their nearest recycling facilities.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Bin It, Recycle It

  1. What a clever commercial (like it when the garbage can shoots nails at the printer). Most people don’t recycle their old electronics because it’s not convenient. I think most handle old electronics like this.

    1. Try to give it to someone you know who needs it.
    2. Try to sell it on Craigslist if it has value.
    3. If it works, donate it to a local charity store.
    4. Throw it away.

    Great commercial, I just wish the US would do something like this.


  2. Hello this is a great initiative to recycle more things and they have put a good spin on it to raise awareness and get people involved more in recycling. I really liked the video commercial and I hope to see it on main stream TV. I just today picked up a leaflet from my local council office for recycle now and the website that shows what exactly you can recycle and where. Very helpful. I like the Memory game because it’s useful to know where you can recycle too.


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