EcoDiscoveries AirZyme Odor Eliminator Product Review

EcoDiscoveries (“Safe has an effective side”) AirZyme fragrance free spray eliminates odor and protects indoor air quality. I have previously tested their tub & tile spray and their bathroom spray so have a good idea how good their products are.

EcoDiscoveries AirZyme

I’ve never really likes some of those famous brands of odor remover, especially when you read things about Febreeze like this. So AirZyme claims not to harm the environment by using only water and a proprietary blend of enzymes and surfactants. Of course that can hide a few things, but if they like their other products then EcoDiscoveries don’t seem to be hiding anything as usual it is non-toxic, biodegradable, chlorine-free, petroleum-free, ammonia-free, phosphate-free, acid-free, caustic-free, fragrance-free, dye-free, Hypoallergenic and has not been tested on animals.

As we don’t have any pets (yet), no children, we don’t smoke and the house smells mainly of fresh paint, there was only really the bin/trash can to test it on, and it seemed to work great. It smells neutral, and isn’t sticky. one thing I would ask for is a better nozzle, it either seems to have jet stream or fire hose settings, no fine mist that I would have preferred.

Other EcoDiscoveries products include Moldzyme penetrates to remove mold at the source, eliminating stains and odors; Multizyme, the only safe and effective multipurpose solution on the market (apparently!); Glass for ammonia free, fragrance free, and streak free windows and mirrors; Kitchen is safe around food and family; Nursery is especially effective, gentle, innovative, and odorless.


3 thoughts on “EcoDiscoveries AirZyme Odor Eliminator Product Review

  1. We actually carry a CFL light (called Purely Anion) that uses a negative ion generator to remove cigarette smoke, dust, mites, & animal dander from the air and light up the room with little power. Maybe febreze would no longer be a household name if everyone just had light bulbs in their house that doubled as air cleaners.


  2. I have been buying the Airzyme product for years and found that they have recently improved on the sprayer. It is now a fine mist. These folks have great products!


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