Ecosoapia Hand & Body Wash Eco Product Review

Sent to Life Goggles by Male Organics, this handwash promises to be like “sweet liquid magic”. I couldn’t wait to try it out!


Ecosoapia Hand & Body Wash is free from artificial colours, fragrances, synthetic preservatives, parabens, surfactants and is 100% vegan. I was sent the almond scented version and when I first used it thought I was eating a cake as it smelled like marzipan. In fact at first I thought the smell was too strong, but after using it, the smell left on my hands was more subtle and pleasant.

By the way, although the picture shows the almond version as well, the one I have it bright yellow in colour, not clear. I like this though, showing that the recipe varies each time and it isn’t as uniform as non-natural products.

Available from Male Organics, Ecosoapia Hand and Body Wash costs £6.00 for a 295ml bottle.


One thought on “Ecosoapia Hand & Body Wash Eco Product Review

  1. I enjoy eating marzipan but not sure if I would want my hands smelling like it. It would be like buying donut smelling soap, something is just wrong with that.


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