How To Cut Up To 40 Percent Of Your Utility Bill

Sears that it has selected Southern California for the national launch of an important new in-home service that can save homeowners up to 40% of their utility costs (according to Sears).

The Sears in-home energy audit is the latest one way homeowners can help make their home a little greener and make a dent in their utility costs as well. After a successful Orange County launch last fall, Sears has expanded its Sears Blue Climate Crew Home Energy Audit to all of L.A. County .


In contrast to the informal, do-it-yourself nature of free utility audits, the Sears audit is a comprehensive, four-step in-home diagnostic test that uses infrared cameras, giant door blowers and other state-of the-art technology to assess a home’s energy-efficiency, safety and comfort. The Sears audit is priced at $550 – a cost that is applied toward certain home improvement expenses implemented by Sears. Currently, L.A. homeowners can receive an introductory price of $275.

Participants receive a customized “roadmap” to improving their home’s energy efficiency — which can translate into reduced energy usage and up to a 40% reduction in their energy utility bills if they make the recommended improvements. You can watch how they do an audit here.

To prepare all you need to do is clean your fireplace, find your last 12 months of utility bills, spare 4 hours from your life, and of course, pay. Depending on your home, this could be a great way to save money (and energy) in the long run.


One thought on “How To Cut Up To 40 Percent Of Your Utility Bill

  1. This is a great way for Sears to find a new revenue stream during this tough economic climate and help mother earth at the same time. Seems like a win-win situation for their consumers, the environment, & their bottom line.


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