Ford Hosts Weekly Live Chat

I’ve attended this a couple of times and realized I haven’t mentioned it to anyone. Every Tuesday at 9am PST, 12pm EST on their Ustream channel Michael Collins gives a the behind the scenes scoop on all things Ford. “The DigiKnow events will stimulate unique and informal conversations with experts from Ford, as well as providing demonstrations of some of the innovative Ford technologies”. They have had some great insights into the Ford Fusion and also NASCAR and hybrids.

You can see an archive of the shows here on YouTube. The Ustream channel is shown below if you happen to see this at the right time, else visit “>Ford DigiKnows every Tuesday at 9am PST or 12pm EST.


One thought on “Ford Hosts Weekly Live Chat

  1. I’ve noticed companies that are more open to communicating with their consumers tend to do better in the market. Zappos, with it’s use of Twitter is a prime example. GM, is a great non example. Good to see an American car manufacturer doing so many things right in a tough economy.


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