Easy Energy Efficiency

Energy Circle is a site that aims to be the best place for gathering the information you need on good, cost-effective energy efficient products. They try to take some of the difficulty and complexity out of taking energy efficiency measures in your house to help you save money by being energy efficient. Plus of course, being kinder to the environment.

Solar and other renewables get a lot of press, but according to them the smartest way to green your home is by starting with energy efficiency. They show you how to do it, and with the appropriate tools/components, to do it right.

They have a YouTube channel, showing videos such as how to install The Energy Detective (we’ve talked about The Energy Detective here). TED is “a real-time home electricity monitor that is the equivalent of a digital stethoscope.”

They have three blogs that take a logical progression: the first steps you through the basics of insulation and home energy audits. The second keeps you up on the latest news and developments in home energy efficiency, like the Aube Telephone Thermostat, a tool that allows you to change your thermostat by phone. Then the third is where real people get to share their stories, expertise, tips, mishaps. Worth a look.


One thought on “Easy Energy Efficiency

  1. I’ve also heard of smart surge protectors that monitor the flow of electricity and sense when a device has been shut down and completely stop all current to the device, thus saving power.


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