Adnams East Green Carbon Neutral Beer Eco Product Review

Continuing my reviews of organic and environmentally friendly beers is a carbon neutral beer from Adnams. East Green is made in Southwold in Suffolk which Adnams claims is the most energy efficient brewery in the UK. Coupled with a lightweight bottle and local ingredients, add a tiny bit of offsetting and you have a carbon neutral beer.

Adnams East Green

Made with Maris Otter malted barley and Boadicea hops, the brew is 4.3% and is quite light and refreshing. The flavours aren’t particularly strong, I could slightly detect the citrus flavour it claims to have but generally there wasn’t a lot of flavour to talk about. But it’s crisp and smooth which led me to wanting another which I suppose is the whole idea of a beer.

Available in supermarkets and pubs, you can find it online but going to Adnams’ website here. It costs around £1.79 for a 500ml bottle.


4 thoughts on “Adnams East Green Carbon Neutral Beer Eco Product Review

  1. I look forward to you reviewing a beer that you are actually excited about. All of them seem to leave you wanting more after each attempt. Am I correct?


  2. do you think all these eco beers concentrate too much on being eco friendly and not on taste? while being eco friendly is always a priority, but shouldnt taste and flavour be just the same priority? is it possible? like ive said previously these beers can be quite hit and miss..

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