Method Wood For Good Eco Product Review

Having moved into a new house with entirely wooden floors, I am new to the area of floor cleaners. After reading extensively online as to what is good, and what is bad, frequency, type of cleaning cloth and so on I settled on Method Wood for Good.

It comes in a couple of different, er, “flavors” I think, but the almond one is the one I chose and it smells lovely. So much, people walk into your house after you’ve cleaned with it and ask you what the nice smell is. The bottle is an easy “shower spray” bottle so simply spray onto the floor and clean with a mop. They recommend the Method omop but some reviews say it breaks too easy, so I simply use another microfiber mop.

It contains baking soda as the main ingredient, plus some natural mineral alkalinity builder, non-toxic solvent, biodegradable surfactant, fragrance oil blend, preservative system (?), color and purified water. Whatever it contains it works like a dream on my floors, and is apparently safe for people, pets and the environment.

Also available as a furniture polish (don’t get them confused as that’s not safe for floors), and as easy handy wipes, Method Wood For Good is an excellent choice. I could only find it in a six-pack online at Amazon
for $35.67, but one bottle should cost you around $6 or $7 in stores.


One thought on “Method Wood For Good Eco Product Review

  1. this is one of my favourite ‘secret’ weapons when out and about cleaning. am yet to find a product that smells so good and natural. only downside is it’s so expensive compared to alternatives that work just as good if not better, just they don’t smell as nice.


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