An Fun Way To Reuse That Old Shirt

I sometimes wonder why I buy new clothes. I suppose the fashion industry has a lot to answer for and I buy new clothes mainly because the old ones look er old basically. The clothes I don’t want any more always go to a good home – charity shops mainly. But I spotted someone doing something different with their old clothes vis – making old shirts into bibs.

Adult bibs that is. Or Dirt Shirts as the company, Jemfruit, calls them. And what a great idea they are. Basically an alternative to tying a napkin around your neck for messy eaters, Dirt Shirts are just the front of a shirt which goes around your neck and covers your normal clothes.

Invented by Margo Roth from Michigan who also sells nuts and homemade jams on the Jemfruit website, they would probably make a good apron for cooking as well. And if you’re handy with a sewing needle, it’s something you can probably do yourself . Available for around US$19, check out the video to see them in action.

Dirt Shirt video


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