Cannabia Lager Eco Product Review

This will probably be the shortest review we’ve ever had on Life Goggles, certainly the shortest I’ve written. And the reason for that is because I found this beer horrible.


It’s all a matter of personal opinion and there will probably be lots of people who like this drink so I’ll give you the facts anyway. Cannabia claims to be the world’s first hemp drink and has been brewed in Germany since 1996. The hops, hemp and malt are all organic and put together to produce this 4.8% lager.

The bottle is quite gaudy and there’s even a scratch and sniff hemp leaf on the label around the neck. And that’s what it tastes of, hemp. If you like the taste then this is for you but I couldn’t drink more than two gulps, and the second one was just to make sure I didn’t like it.

Available from Vintage Roots, Cannabia costs £1.65 a bottle.


2 thoughts on “Cannabia Lager Eco Product Review

  1. I found this beer at a darts bar while living in Tokyo last year. Although I only had one Cannabia–in between Jack & Cokes–I recall it tasting kinda good. But after reading the review I am curious to try it a second time, just to be sure.

    The scratch and sniff sticker actually smalls about right however, for what that is worth…


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