Method Launches Not Any Old Mop

Indeed, not any old mop, but an oMop – short for ‘oh what a mop’ – natural cleaning company Method’s new floor cleaning thing.

Unfortunately I missed the launch of this new mop so am unable to tell you a lot about it or it’s any good. What I can tell you is that it’s new and it’s a mop. The rest I’ll leave to what Method says itself. The mop can be bought as part of a wood floor care kit costing £29.99 from its website.


“…this kit has been making floors friendly to kids, pets and white tube socks since oh-seven. it’s got everything you need to take care of the floors you love… in a purely non-toxic, platonic sort of way. an ergonomic mop that bends so your back doesn’t. non-toxic, no-wax and biodegradable cleaning juice in a 100% recycled plastic bottle, a 50-times-washable microfibre cleaning pad, that works in micro time to lift and trap dirt, compostable sweeper cloths made from corn-based plastic, that track down and capture dust instead of just pushing it around and the cool, ergonomic mop itself – all in an uber-green box made of bamboo fibre and recycled paper that is compostable and recyclable, depending on your mood. it will leave your floors so shiny and clean you could eat off them (we don’t recommend it).”


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