Book Of Green

Just a quick post to let you know about an email I received about the Book of Green. The deadline is fast approaching – June 1st – to get your business or website in there. If you don’t have either, wait until it’s out and then grab a printed copy or look it up online as it’s a great resource:

Book of Green

“Book of Green is a printed annual directory which will be distributed nationwide for free. It is a collaboration between two of the leading online eco directories- One Green Earth and Allthingseco. We have a print run of 30,000 and also an online flip magazine (circa 500,000 views) which will have clickable links. It will be published on 1st July.

“Distribution is already in place including The Ecologist, Permaculture magazine, The Eden Project, CAT, over 50 high street and online eco shops nationwide, which you can view on the distribution map.

“To book a basic listing (£35) fill in this form or to book a larger ad fill in this form”


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