Golden Promise Beer Eco Product Review

Now this is what I call a beer, well a bitter in fact. Although I drink my fair share of lager, these days I tend to choose an ale or bitter at the pub. The Caledonian Brewery claims that Golden Promise was the world’s first organic beer in the 1990s and is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

Golden Promise

It’s also certified by the Soil Association which all adds up to it having impeccable eco-credentials. But how does it taste? The answer is that it tastes great. It’s a proper bitter but still quite light with little aftertaste and goes down smoothly. The hops are from Kent and the barley from Scotland which combine to make a lovely beer.

Sent to me by Vintage Roots, Golden Promise is the sort of beer that you could quite happily drink all day, but at 5% alcohol volume you might want to stop after four or five!

A 500ml bottle costs £1.95.


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