Ecover Cream Cleaner Eco Product Review

Anyone who’s environmentally friendly has heard of Ecover. Its products are in every supermarket and available online. And the product range seems never ending, even products like the toilet cleaner have new varieties out at the moment, the lovely-smelling ‘Ocean Waves’.

Ecover Cream Cleaner

Cream cleaner is a simple staple of the cleaning cupboard and basically cleans anything in the kitchen or bathroom – enamel, stainless steel, chrome, tiles, cookers, sinks, baths, fridges and so on. In our household we tend to use it in the kitchen as we have method’s Tub Scrub for the bathroom.

Ecover’s version is friendly to the environment and contains plant-based ingredients. And it’s pretty easy to use and it works as well as any other cream cleaner I’ve come across. Using it on stainless steel does mean after cleaning and scrubbing you do need to give it a wipe after to get the shine back.

Available from supermarkets or places like Big Green Smile and online, Ecover Cream Cleaner costs around £1.19 for 500ml.


5 thoughts on “Ecover Cream Cleaner Eco Product Review

  1. I have used Ecover and definitely found that it stands up to the task for a cream cleaner. The environmental benefits are definitely worth those who have not tried it giving it a go. It really does do the job so why not consider this one small step to getting green if you haven’t tried it before?


  2. I have to say that my cream cleaner, and my mothers, and probably her mothers was a very hard core cream cleaners started with a J 4 letters (not sure if I can mention the name here but many should know it) or a similar based product to the “J” . No doubt J is not in the slightest bit green – this of course I can not 100% be sure so don’t quote me on that – however I will take the recommendation from Michiel and give it a try as there is so little most of us do these days to benefit our planet and small steps, at least for beginners can not be a bad thing! Thanks Michiel and Adam of course!


  3. Nice to hear about the product.. I saw it online but still i did use it.

    Ecover is friendly to the environment and contains plant-based ingredients. Am searching for these type of product for a long time. Now so many cream cleaner are available in markets but they most chemical based ingredients in nature..

    I like to try this product and share my experience in next comment…


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